Our easy and comprehensive step by step guide to help you measure for your gorgeous new curtains. 

Step one: Measure the track.

1. If you do not have an existing curtain track, measure the width of your window frame from edge to edge. Ideally, the curtains should not cover the window when they are pulled open, so allow an extra 15% of the window width for sheer fabrics, an extra 20% for medium to heavyweight fabrics, and an extra 25% for very heavy fabrics like velvets. 

2. If you have an existing curtain track, great! Just measure the length from end to end. Do not include finials if you have them.




Step two: Measure the drop

3. If you already have an existing track, measure from the top of your track to the floor (do not add extra for the hem, we will do this for you).  

If there is no existing curtain track, choose the desired track height and measure down. 



4. If you would like floor-length curtains, then your work on the length is done! But if you would like your curtains to puddle on the floor, add extra to the length to allow. 

Puddled curtains are made a little longer so the ends gather on the floor, giving a luxurious, lived-in look. At least a little bit of puddling is essential when choosing linen, as the fabric is absorbent and prone to movement. It’s a great option and it looks beautiful!

We advise adding 1-2cm for light puddling, 3-4cm for medium puddling and 4-5cm for heavy puddling. 



5. At Little & Fox, we can provide many different styles of headings and pleats. Please choose from the following styles or contact us if you require a custom heading not listed. 

Rod and tracks we have a range of rod and tracks and finials available, please contact us for more information. 


Head on over to our online quoting system and we will be in touch soon with a quote! 



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