FATBOY: The Original

Asha Payton

Posted on October 27 2021

FATBOY: The Original
Welcome to Fatboy’s supersized world of colour and innovative Dutch design.
It all started with Fatboy ‘the Original’.
Designed in 1998 by Finnish designer Jukka Setälä. In 2002, Dutchman Alex Bergman bought the rights to the beanbag and revolutionised the product by creating a brand around it. A brand that became the Fatboy family. 
The designers of Fatboy are a lot of creative people coming together with the same objective, to create “unique design that makes you smile, looks simple but has a lot more to offer than the eye can tell”. 
Fatboy products are designed and made to last. They are forever furniture. 
The Fatboy brand is clearly passionate about creating products that are fun and functional. Putting in months of designing, testing and improving. 
Using recycled materials with low environmental impact. Materials that won’t fade, are water resistant, strong and durable. The outcome is furniture you can plop down on, chill out, not worry about spills and use year after year. 
These joyful products have expanded into a diverse collection from luminaries, hammocks and side tables, to different lounge chairs, made for relaxing and enjoying the comforts of life. Fatboy offers different solutions for all relaxation, both indoors and outdoors. 
Surely the name Fatboy came from the puffy and firm shape of the beanbag? 
The iconic name was brought about when Setälä received Fatboy Slim CD cover in the late nineties, and this gave him the inspiration for a brand name, Fatboy the Original.
Fatboy is for everyone, for all spaces, from kids’ rooms to offices. Beaches to backyards. It’s a one size fits all the standard is SUPERSIZED. It’s this oversized design that really sets them apart. 
“Lean back. Feel free. Life is your party.”

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