This handy step by step guide will help you to measure for custom made blinds.

Firstly,  start by determining which style of blinds you would like. The two main styles are Face fixed (where the blind is mounted outside or above the window) or top fixed (inside the window frame). Please see below for examples of both.



Measuring for top fixed blinds:

Step one: measure the width inside your window frame. This will be the finished width of your blind.

Step two: Measure the height inside the window frame. Make sure the bottom is flush with the window sill as you will want the blind to finish there. This will be the finished length of your blind.

Please note that with this style, the blind sits inside the window frame but the top of the window will still be covered by the blind when it is open and will partially block the outlook.





Measuring for face fixed blinds:

Face fixed blinds are a great option if you don’t want to block any of your outlook. They are also great for blocking the light, especially relevant in a bedroom.

Step one:
Measure the horizontal width of the window, adding extra if you would like to cover more. We recommend that this width is at least flush with the edges of your architraves - this will also help with light leakage.

Step two:
Determine where you would like your blind to be mounted. You can create extra visual height to your window by mounting it higher (as shown with the dotted line). The placement is subjective and will di
ffer from each window and room. The higher the mount, the higher the window will appear and you will be able to draw the blind back fuller to maximize light and/or views.

If you would like further assistance or an opinion on height, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Step three:
Measure the vertical height of the area you wish to cover from how far you would like to blind to drop, to the top of the height where you wish for the blind to be mounted. This will be the full length of your blind when closed.


Please get in touch with us if you need further assistance, we are very happy to help.



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