Tips for mixing and matching your cushion selection at home.

Tip one: Choose a common colour theme

This is a great opportunity to reference artwork or statement pieces in your space. We recommend sticking to a colour palette or a family of colours which will bring cohesion to your cushion selection. 

Different shades of one colour can be equally as appealing as complementary colours (opposite to each other on the colour wheel like blues and rusts) or Analogous colours (colours that are next to each other on the wheel like oranges and reds). 

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Tip two: Pattern and texture

Bringing in a bold pattern as a “hero” will create a focal point and it is a great way to combine the colours in your chosen colour palette. Co-ordinate with patterns like geometrics or stripes, and avoid clashing by using a mix of scales. A solid coloured cushion is great too, especially with some texture like a velvet or fur. They can bring a lot of depth and warmth as well as emphasizing your colour palette.

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Tip three: Play with sizes and shapes

To add some interest to your cushions, pop in some different shapes and sizes. Mix up your squares with the odd round or rectangle cushion which will look great amongst a cluster. And remember, a small amount or larger cushions can sometimes look fresher and more of a statement than a large amount of jumbled smaller ones.

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Tip four: Numbers

Playing with numbers can change the look of your cushions. Odd groups of threes or fives can look more visually appealing than even groups of twos and fours, but even numbers can be lovely in a more traditional setting.

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Tip five: Fill

What you fill your cushion with matters as much as the cover. Always consider the fill and how it will affect the cushion's appearance and use. A feather cushion inner is easily plumped and is very “squishy”, whereas a wool cushion inner will hold its shape while being soft and comfortable - they are also great for regulating body temperatures and are very sustainable! 

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Little and Fox have an ever-changing vast selection of gorgeous cushions in-store, you can view them here. Alternatively, we can custom make almost any type of cushion for you as well, learn more about that here. We have a huge selection of patterns, textures, colours and trims available, so get in touch and let’s make your interior dreams a reality. 


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