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Una Mini Bowl Yuzu

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Una Mini Bowl Yuzu.

The Mini Bowl is a functional and stylish addition to any meal time, thanks to its fresh seasonal colourway and unique finish. Perfectly sized for dips, nibbles or condiments, it's sure to liven up platter presentations. It also lends itself to a range of other uses - think trinket holder to take care of everything from keys, coins and jewellery. Because why not use it at all times?

All of the clay moulds for our resin were made by hand by the Sage x Clare design team at our HQ. They were then sent to India and the final casts made by our team of talented artisans, each piece is then lovingly produced and finished by hand. This technique ensures that no two pieces are the same. With this in mind, please note that you may see variations in colour and swirls between individual pieces, this is what makes each item truly unique!

The resin range is available in six all-new colours so you can mix and match to your heart's content, to create an individually curated setting.

Please note: Our resin pieces do not like the heat and therefore should be used for cold or room temperature foods and liquids only. They can be cleaned in warm water when needed, but please note, they are not dishwasher safe. All our resin is not heat proof and should not be used with any kitchen appliances. All our resin is food safe and adheres and passes the required testing. If your resin pieces need a little love to regain their shine, you can rub with a cloth and a drop or two of cooking oil.

Measures 9.5 x 8 x 2.5cm.
Made from resin.