Meet the team!

Our superstar curtain consultant Nes Kilmister! Nes joined the gang early this year and brings with her 12 years of curtain knowledge and expertise. Book her in for your next curtain project. High fives Nes...Great to have you on board!

Next up...... Sophie! Whoooop! How amazing is this woman!? She has come all the way from the UK to restore your beloved pieces of the past. “I love to make things and have always worked with my hands. I really enjoy creating pieces of furniture, using age old traditional techniques and knowing that the same skills have been used for hundreds of years.” Sophie, we are so lucky to have you!


This woman needs no introduction! Margs has been with us from the very beginning, and you will always find her whipping up stunning cushions and squabs on her trusty sewing machine. Marg forever has a smile on her face and loves a little William Morris inspired House of Hackney..You rock Margs 


Ok so we have the manufacturing side introduced.... it’s time to meet the design team!


First up Hanna 😘 Diploma in Art and a Bachelor of Design with honours majoring in Textiles 👊 smashing style out of the park whilst organically growing 3 small humans on kale and tofu. We love her easy going nature and can do, will do attitude. She can mix colour and pattern like a pro (Oh and forma life, international model! 🙀... you can totally tell... just had to throw that in there). 🙌🙌 High fives Hanna x


Another long standing member of the Little and Fox team... Sally! Initially heading into our manufacturing department after sewing for Operas and stage productions, we quickly discovered Sally’s super power strength was actually listening to our customers! She has the patience of a saint, no matter how many times you change your mind on that cushion size, shape and colour 😂 Sally will be there for you! She also rocks a Diploma of Fashion design and Technology 👊 grateful for you Sally!


As you can see, Little and Fox is blessed with an amazing talent pool. Agata is our cherry 🍒 on top. Originally from Poland, Agata studied Interior design at Limperts academy of design in Ireland. This bubbly effervescent woman brings so much inspiration to our team. Two months ago Agatas world was tipped upside down with the diagnosis of ovarian cancer. She has shown unbelievable strength and courage since receiving this news and remains her happy bubbly determined self. Between chemo visits you can find Agata in our Ahuriri warehouse continuing to do what she loves. Make sure you give her a massive 🙌 when you see her. She sure deserves it! We love you Aga