Welcome to Little and Fox blog, we will use this space to share inspiration
about designers we love, interior styling and design, décor, fabrics and more.
What a better way to begin our blogging journey than with the UK designer
House of Hackney.

House of Hackney design and create wallpapers, fabrics and interior products.
Their designs bring British Heritage and contemporary design together to create
heirloom pieces. Their designs speak to us, from deep lush velvets to moody linens.
Bringing romance, depth and timeless creativity to their fabrics and we want to
drape it over everything!

We have upholstered stunning pieces for our lovely clients in HOH including
beautiful bedroom chairs, headboards, lampshades, floor cushions and more.
House of Hackney boast a stunning array of wallpapers suitable for any room.
We love seeing them in bathrooms.

Recently HOH shared a top tip on their IG: It’s a myth that dark wallpaper will make
a small space feel even smaller. Deep, rich shades can actually create the illusion of
depth, especially when combined with a captivating print (like ARTEMIS) that
draws you in.

House of Hackney share the same values we have as Kiwis. Their eco manifest
demonstrates a successful brand producing low waste and eco friendly products.

“Waste not, want not. We produce our collections in small batches while
printing wallpaper and crafting furniture on a made-to-order basis. Our
low-waste approach to manufacturing means we avoid making more than
is needed, thus lessening the burden on our planet.”

HOH value quality products crafted by local British manufacturers, - “ The
provenance of our products is of great importance to us. Supporting small-scale,
traditional industries, we work with some of the UK’s finest craftsmen”.
We love to support designers who are being environmentally conscious and ethical
whilst creating stunningly beautiful designs.

Why wouldn’t we want to adorn our spaces with one of a kind timeless
heirlooms from House of Hackney?
To see more of House of Hackney see there website

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