A designer that always drops our jaw is Timorous Beasties.

The Glasgow and London based company founded by Alistair McAuley and Paul
Simmons specialises primarily in luxury fabrics and wallpapers.
Designs compiled of contemporary colourful graffiti prints to glittering bees hand-printed on velvet. Timorous Beasties combines modernist art with heritage style.
You may have heard the term ‘moreism’ at Little & Fox, we use this term as a means of
describing lavish and opulent interiors and Timorous Beasties does not fail our maximalist inspirations.


We adore how their designs bring nature, beauty and everyday scenes to life.
Each piece is a work art from the beginning of the design process to the final
product. Incredibly detailed hand drawings in sketchbooks to hand-printed fabrics using traditional techniques.



‘Topical Tropical’ is one of our favourite, we have used it on lampshades and
numerous pieces of furniture, which Timorous Beasties approved themselves by sharing on their Instagram page!



We have fallen in love with so many of their designs, this wallpaper ‘Tropical
Clouded Leopard’s design, shown above, is why we love doing what we do.
It’s more than wallpaper… it's incredibly detailed artwork that’s sure to make a statement in any interior.

Another standout design that always draws attention is the Graffiti collection of velvets and wallpapers.

Timorous Beasties does not conform to trends or fall in line with everything else out
there. Dare to be different and bold, Timorous Beasties is the designer to standout.



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