Versace.. the finest of Italian design and now gracing the tabletops at Little & Fox.

 Antique designs of mythology, classic baroque in opulent colours.


Since the early 90s Versace and Rosenthal have worked in collaboration to produce many lines of high quality, luxurious homewares. Together, creating interior items that bring glamour and Italian design to porcelain.




In 1992 Giani Versace sought to go beyond the fashion industry. He believed and understood the importance of developing his brand and bringing true meaning to a lifestyle of lifestyle, “Versace is a lifestyle and it should be an all-embracing decision for those who choose to adopt it”.

By 1993 Rosenthal brought the first line of high quality German made porcelain tableware, adorned in Giana Versace’s unmistakable Italian designs. Today the designs are overseen by Donatella Versace. The collections are an exquisite display of historical and the ultra-modern, to create timeless yet contemporary designs.


To create these luxurious collections Rosenthal uses precise techniques, unique to each piece. Lustre, gold and platinum bands, handles, spouts and gilded reliefs are all hand painted. after firing, fibreglass brushes are used to burnish the gold layer to a high gloss.



The most frequently used technique for decorating porcelain is to apply a sheer, wet colour film. This process demands extreme precision, patience, a steady hand and a sharp eye.



Versace and Rosenthal's collections of high end porcelain are instantly recognisable, sure to be a conversation starter at any dinner party.



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