Oloha Small Lobby Red Lamp

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Oloha Small Lobby Red Lamp.

Is it a lamp? Is it a light-emitting work of art? Oloha is both. As well as a multifaceted design object that will evoke more than its fair share of ooohs and aaahs. Put this metallic bowl and magnetic lamp on your dressing table to add atmosphere, let it adorn your coffee table as an original eye-catcher, or just hang it up as a unique wall lamp. With Oloha, anything and everything goes.

On the table Oloha is a sturdy, artistic bowl. The LED light is a separate element that attaches to the bowl with a magnet, which means it can be removed so that you can easily recharge it with the supplied USB cable. By means of the button you can dim the light from dusk all the way to nice and bright.

On the wall At the back of the Oloha there is a silicone coaster. And in that coaster there is a handy eye by which the lamp can be hung on a wall, just like you would a work of art. Ideal for adding some oh-la-la to your balcony or your favorite reading corner. The LED light emits warm white light, but it’s the color of the bowl that adds the tint. Add a few more Olohas and you can create a fun light show on your wall.

• For indoor and outdoor use.

• Material shade: steel • Material lamp: ABS and silicone.

• Dimensions: : 22.5 Ø x 6.1 cm, • Weight: 0.6 kg

• Dimmable.