Bellboy Jet Blue Lamp

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Bellboy Jet Blue Lamp.

Ding! Bellboy here. Its friendly disposition and assured design elevate this classic table lamp to a completely different level. Design with five stars, along with his friendly character, will make Bellboy a welcome presence in and around any home. This cordless Bellboy can be put to work on your desk, dresser or bedside table. Or take the elevator to your roof terrace and enjoy his service up there.

At Your Service: Beneath a deceptively simple design lies a shrewd operator. You can switch Bellboy’s warm LED light on with the touch button on his cap. Press it a little longer to dim his enthusiasm. The battery is located in the cap and can be charged via the base. Serving you indoors or outdoors, Bellboy can look forward to a long and productive career.

Where To? Bellboy is rechargeable, which means you can use it anywhere and everywhere. Open the doors to your room or garden and Bellboy immediately becomes a magnet for attention. An icon in the making and one that’s available in different colors. Thanks to its high-quality powder-coated aluminum uniform, his personality stands out. And with his batteries charged, for Bellboy the evening can’t last long enough. Bring it on!

• For indoor and outdoor use.

• Material shade: steel top and polypropylene bottom. • Material spring: steel. • Material foot: aluminum.

• Dimensions: 18 Ø x 30 cm. • Weight: 1.1 kg. 

 • Dimmable.