The well known and iconic Louis ghost chair was created by the 70 year old company Kartell, founded by Giulio Castelli and Anna Castelli Ferrieri in 1949. Since then the company has been ever evolving, producing timeless furniture made with state of the art technology. Kartell have been leaders in innovating designs and hold a place in history, truely embodying the ‘made in Italy’ label. 



For the past 70 years Kartell has partnered with fashion designers and architects who have created tasteful, timeless pieces sold all over the world, each piece proving form and function. 



Now we witness Kartell stepping into the role of safe guarding our environment and proving each piece brings values and function. The Kartell manifesto upholds environmental friendly excellence and a commitment to sustainability. 


“Kartell’s vocation is to create value: not simple objects, but pieces that can contribute towards building a cultural project; not objects that risk being cast aside when no longer used, but instead become treasured memories”.

We see many companies using recyclable packaging for their products. Not only does Kartell carry this out, but also creates their entire product with zero waste tolerance. Using state of the art technology and constant research. Since the late 80’s Kartell have had a true focused on pioneering research for quality-based designs and materials. 



The materials Kartell choose to use are carefully and scientifically curated. The wood comes only from certified forests, using cutting edge technology to only take a very fine layer of wood with minimal waste, creating 3D curves like never before. 

Kartell have been the first furniture company to test the completely natural material bio. Using a piece from the archives, a modular storage unit, designed in 1967 by Anna Castelli Ferrieri. 



Bio is created from waste materials from farm production procedures. After a series of processes this biomass becomes a high quality material completely regenerated from something that would otherwise have been wasted. 

Another material used by Kartell is riciclato a recycled thermoplastic. Kartell turns recyclable plastics and raw materials into functional objects that are designed into luxury pieces of furniture, standout home accessories and revolutionary lighting.



For the past 7 decades Kartell’s furniture have become treasured objects for homes all over the world. We can’t wait to see what level they take us to next. Visit either of our store to view the gorgeous range of furniture, lighting and accessories for yourself. 


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