We would like to introduce you to the newest artist to appear on the walls of Little and Fox ... it is the Prints Charming known as Jai Vasicek. 

Australian born and currently based in Byron Bay, Jai is an intrepid soul whose childhood was based upon the sea. As a young boy he sailed the globe with his family upon their sailboat for a home known as "The Malachi" which translates to messenger in Hebrew. Jai has ultimately become the messenger of his memorable past to his viewers taking inspiration from his nostalgic multi-cultural influence into visual aesthetic beauty within his practise. 
Jai and Isla Jai and Naiomi

Jai's abstract and rather feminine pieces embrace the female soul through her silhouettes, floral marks, prints and patterns from bygone cultures all expressed beautifully through a form of mixed mediums including oils and acrylics upon canvas and tiles to then hang with grace from the walls of galleries, shops, showrooms to the comfortable interiors of ones home.
Jai Vasicek Art Work Little Moth & Blue Hibiscus

Jai recently completed his artist residency at Osbourne House in NSW where the Southern Highland surrounds of the hotel influenced a new series of artworks and we can't wait to see where his journey in art takes him next!
Osbourne House x Jai Vasicek

You can see for yourself Jai's art this July in our Little and Fox Ahuriri design store come and marvel at these pieces because we know they won't be on our walls for long!

Love L&F xx 

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