William Morris (1834-1896) was one of the most influential designers of the Arts & Crafts Movement, regarded by some as perhaps one of the greatest designers to have ever lived.  He was an artist, philosopher, poet and political theorist and created the most contemporary and exciting textiles and wallpapers of his entire era through his company, Morris & Co, established in 1861. So contemporary in fact, that his designs are still greatly celebrated by many who admire his work to this day. 



In 1861, WIlliam Morris and group of friends established Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co. They provided beautiful furnishings and handcrafted products for the home.  The company soon became more simply known as Morris & Co,  and William Morris,  driven by his boundless enthusiasm, was motivated by a desire to provide affordable ‘art for all’ and the output of the company was prolific. 

His legacy has continued with Morris & Co-producing authentic versions of his original designs and new interpretations, using modern innovative technology with his iconic timeless appeal.


 To learn more and to see some of the textiles, wallcoverings and finished products in person, come along to our informative evening presented by Rex Godso on Wednesday 1st July, from 5-7pm at our Ahuriri showroom 60 Bridge Street.


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