Sink into Maker & Son

Asha Payton

Posted on March 22 2022

Sink into Maker & Son

Welcome to Maker & Son! Our newest and most comfiest furniture brand Little & Fox has ever seen. With a range of beds, sofas, armchairs and ottomans that are designed to last a lifetime that are 100% natural and handmade to order! A wholesome family run business that has been making high end furniture for over 30 years who devote their designs to the influence of the countryside.

We had the privilege to experience the Maker & Son New Zealand showroom on wheels! To dive 
into and test out the comfort levels of their song chair in a the cosiest van conversion ever! We defiantly approve and will all be needing one of these for winter snuggles on the sofa.

Each piece built on hardwood frames with fully sprung bases and unique cushion constructions come in a range of colours and fabrics to suit and soften all tastes and home styles from cityscape modern to rustic countryside abodes the Maker & Son world is your oyster and Little & Fox is here to supply New Zealand with the movement of Make & Son! 

Little and fox is proud to be the Hawkes bay ambassador of maker and sons and these luxuriously comfortable furnishings will be coming soon to you, just in time for Winter so keep you eyes peeled and sink into Maker & Sons with us ... nobody is watching! 

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